Monday, December 10, 2007

Extra-Toasty Toddler Mittens

Our winter climate in the Frigid North can get pretty cold, so I found that regular knitted mittens just weren't enough to keep my little one's fingers nice and warm while playing in the snow. (We won't even talk about the ineptness of store-bought mittens . . .). These mittens are knitted with two strands of yarn at once, so they're doubly thick and warm. I'd recommend knitting an I-cord or crocheting a length of yarn and attaching the mittens together so they don't get separated.

1 skein of worsted weight yarn (I prefer Caron Simply Soft). You will need to use two strands, so either separate into two separate balls, or use a strand from the center as well as the outside of the yarn ball.

4 US size 8 double pointed needles
Small stitch holder (I just use a piece of string)

Gauge: 16 stitches = 4 inches (remember that you're working with two strands of yarn, so although the gauge may look wide for a toddler's wrist, it's also extremely thick.)

4.5 (5.5) inch wrist

With a loose cast on, such as the German Long-tail or Long-tail, CO 20 (24) stitches using TWO strands of yarn. Divide stitches onto the double pointed needles as follows: 5 (6) stitches on Needles #1 and #3, and 10 (12) stitches on Needle #2. Place marker for working in the round. Work K1, P1 ribbing for 3 ½ inches.

Palm for Left Hand:
Switching to stockinette stitch, work for 1 (2) inch(es). Then, knit across to last stitch on Needle #1. Place last 3 (4) stitches worked on a stitch holder, K1. Knit across Needles #2 and #3. On the next round, on Needle #1, K1, CO3 (4), K1. Work across all needles, and continue working stockinette until mitten reaches 7 (8) inches from cuff bottom.

Palm for Right Hand:
Switching to stockinette stitch, work for 1 inch. On next round, knit across Needles #1 and #2. On Needle #3, K4, place last 3 (4) stitches worked on a stitch holder, K1. Knit across Needles #1 and #2. On Needle #3, K1, CO 3 (4), K1. Continue working stockinette until mitten reaches 7 (8) inches from cuff bottom.

Round 1: On Needle #1, K to within 3 stitches of the last stitch. K2tog, K1. On Needle #2, K1, SSK, knit to within 3 stitches of last stitch, K2tog, K1. On Needle #3, K1, SSK, knit the remaining stitches.
Round 2: Knit across all needles
Continue rounds 1 and 2 until there are 8 stitches remaining on the needles. Join stitches from Needles #3 and #1, and close with Kitchener stitch.

Slip 3 (4) stitches from the stitch holder onto first needle. With second needle, PU and K 1 stitch from side edge, and 2 (3) stitches from CO edge. With third needle, PU1 stitch from CO edge and 1 stitch from side edge (8,10 stitches). Work stockinette in the round for 2 (2.5) inches. To close, leave a 12 inch tail, and weave through all stitches on the needles. Pull firmly to shut, knot, and finish off.

~ this is a free pattern from DutchOrchid Designs. If you knit this pattern, please leave a comment on her blog.


Sydney said...

I plan on knitting these up for a KAL I am part of....FYI my daughter loved your song (she is 1)she danced and danced.

Kait said...

Love love love these mittens! They knit up so easily, and they are super easy to customize in regards to size!

Thanks for sharing this pattern.

cyn said...

Thanks so much for posting this pattern! After a couple failed attempts at modifying other patterns to fit my 16-month-old's teeny tiny hands, I came across your pattern and it worked out perfectly. I went with a single strand of alpaca for warmth without bulk, and they turned out great! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, thank you for posting your toddler mitten pattern. I knit the mittens this weekend and plan to give them to my 13 month old grandson tomorrow. I posted a photo on Ravelry, using a sock monkey to model the mittens! We will read Jan Brett's babyboard book The Mitten and clap our hands wearing mittens. Twistyvine

MaryLou said...

I love this pattern and can't wait to start some toasty mittens for my twin grandchildren. Do you think this is doable on a 16-inch circular needle?

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Valntyn said...

I just knit these for our two year old daughter and they're so cute. :) Thanks so much for the pattern!

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